René Buch leaves NORDUnet after 16 years

After 16 years working for NORDUnet René Buch has decided to step down as CEO for NORDUnet to give time for other opportunities for the remaining part of his worklife.

NORDUnet Board has worked with René to find a solution to ensure a smooth transition for NORDUnet and the projects NORDUnet is involved in. We are happy to announce that Valter Nordh from November 1st 2021 will be NORDUnet interim CEO until a replacement has been found during 2022. René will continue to support Valter during a transition period.

The Board wants to thank René for his great and much appreciated achievements that have positioned NORDUnet in a leading role of providing state of the art network connectivity and services to our big community.

Maria Häll, chair of the NORDUnet board