Global NREN CEO Forum

The Global R&E Network CEO Forum - or CEO Forum, for short - is a group of executive leaders from a range of leading national and regional research and education networks from around the world. The CEO Forum has an aspiration to stimulate, engender and accelerate key initiatives that are required to address the challenges faced by the broad range of international research and education communities, specifically with respect to data networking and associated services. The CEO Forum meets twice a year in face-to-face meetings, and regularly by video conference, to continue its work together to accelerate the implementation and adoption of innovative solutions that generate measurable value for the global R&E community.

Organization-wise the CEO Forum is a lightweight structure that had its first meeting back in September 2012.  Lightweight indicates a very lean structure with just two co-secretaries that prepare and run meetings, take notes and create communiqués.

The CEO Forum's objective is to stimulate and accelerate global implementation and adoption of new network solutions and services to create additional value for the global R&E community. While the CEO Forum itself is closed, a number of the working groups that have been created are open. Each group has an executive sponsor in the CEO Forum, and one or more (co-)chairs from the R&E networks that are a member of the CEO Forum. Members of the groups can and do come from the R&E networks community at large.

The aim of each group is to work with the global R&E network community, working groups and users to accelerate the implementation and adoption of solutions, and then transfer its results (back) for the good of all.

Currently, the CEO Forum has eight such groups:

  • Global Service Delivery
  • Global Realtime Collaboration
  • Global Federated Infrastructure, Delivery, Management & Services
  • Global Network Architecture
  • Knowledge Sharing for R&E Networks
  • Security Study Group
  • Mobility Study Group
  • Big Sciences Study Group

The Global R&E Network CEO Forum consists of the Chief Executive Officers of AARNet (Australia), CANARIE (Canada), CERNET (China), CUDI (Mexico), DANTE (Europe), DFN (Germany), Internet2 (USA), Janet (UK), NORDUnet (European Nordics), REANNZ (New Zealand), RedCLARA (Latin America), RENATER (France), RNP (Brazil), SURFnet (The Netherlands), and the UbuntuNet Alliance (Southern and Eastern Africa).