Global outreach

International dimension of NORDUnet

Science has always been international in scope, and research and education is increasingly a global effort, unfolding in partnerships with global stakeholders in global projects, using scientific instruments or teaching resources unrestricted by borders.  It is a crucial part of the NORDUnet mission to be the enabler for Nordic researchers, educators, and students not just to participate, but also to have first-row seats for driving global efforts.

To be this enabler NORDUnet must both provide a global infrastructure, and engage actively in European and global partnerships.

Global Infrastructure

As Nordic researchers, educators, and students engage globally, NORDUnet must provide a world-class, global infrastructure to support and enhance such engagement. The infrastructure provided must safeguard that individuals and groups are not restricted in their choice of scientific instrument, partnerships, and service providers.

NORDUnet must be prepared to facilitate remote use of astronomy telescopes in South America and use of high quality, online course material from US universities. We must facilitate the use of global cloud resources and services.  And we must enable Nordic institutions to host global, scientific resources such as large-scale scientific instruments in the Arctic region.  

To allow this, NORDUnet must provide high-capacity network connectivity to all regions of the world, as well as high-bandwidth connectivity to research and education networks and commercial resources.  To this end NORDUnet have a global network strategy and build our own international network to key locations.  

International Partnerships

Additional to providing global infrastructure NORDUnet engage in global partnerships to network the world, because only together can the global R&E network community offer excellence.

These strategic partnerships count both R&E networks and private enterprises across the world.  

Of key importance is NORDUnet’s long-term partnership with the European R&E networks in a wide range of areas, including the delivery of the GÉANT pan-European R&E network.  With the Nordic countries spanning the north Atlantic, partnerships with our neighbors to the east and west has since the very start of NORDUnet been essential to safeguarding connectivity to the Nordic R&E community.  

NORDUnet has provided trans-Atlantic networking in partnerships with North American R&E networks and funding bodies for more than 25 years, and has worked closely with Russian R&E networks since the mid 1990's. Likewise we have worked closely with the Dutch NREN SURFnet to jointly deploy the best possible networking across North-Western Europe.  NORDUnet is also partner in several efforts for global connectivity, including GLORIAD, GLIF and ORIENT.   

Offering the best possible global infrastructure takes more than just network connectivity; R&E networks must deliver a range of services such as identity management, mobility, etc., and such services must inter-operate on a global scale.  To this end, NORDUnet has selected a number of strategic partnerships, such as the Global R&E Networks CEO Forum that allow us to develop both the next generation of global infrastructure and the services that go along with it, in close collaboration with like-minded R&E networks.  

In order to develop the services and networking solutions required, NORDUnet is a regular partner in both European and global projects, such as the GN3+ project, the ANA-100G project, the Baltic Ring Study, and many more.

International Representation

Nordic NRENs work closely together on a range of issues both within their own region and towards Europe and the rest of the world.  To safeguard a unified voice in an effective manner in international collaboration the Nordic NRENs have decided to use NORDUnet as their instrument.  In partnerships such as GÉANT and the Global NRENs CEO Forum, and in projects such as GN3+ and ANA-100G, NORDUnet act on behalf of all the Nordic NRENs, act as the single Nordic partner in projects and represent the Nordic R&E networks in governance bodies. We do this is close collaboration with the Nordic NRENs, usually with a mix of NREN and NORDUnet staff involved in the activities.