Lambda and Transport Capacity

The NORDUnet Lambda network has been built to provide research groups, projects and other activities with end-to-end, circuit-oriented services from demanding applications or community-specific networks. 


The lambda network is available to all organizations and projects within the Nordic NREN community. 


Our Lambda network facility offers dedicated, on-demand, end-to-end gigabit Ethernet circuits, allowing research communities to build application-specific networks. Since the circuits are end-to-end and not shared, users have full control of bandwidth available and guaranteed connectivity and latency.  Through collaboration with globals partners, we can providers users with dedicated capacity and private network resources, end-to-end, across the globel.

Lambda services are offers on two complmentary platforms, with different service characteristics and different reach. In either case, the circuit-oriented services are provided at the same, high standard as other NORDUnet services, with full 24/7 support, high availability and the highest possible performance.

OTN Circuits

The NORUDnet optical transport platform, based on the Ciena 6500 packet-optical platform, provide 100Gbps transparent waves as well as 10Gbps OTN circuits.  Services provided on this platform are true transport-class  circuits with fully dedicated end-to-end capacity with predictable round-trip times and minimal jitter.  For 10Gbps circuits, full OTN protection is provided by default; 100Gbps are un-protected by default, but optical protection can be provided.  For both 10Gbps and 100Gbps services, the default presentation is Ehternet, but other presentations are possible.  These services are available at all nodes of the NORDUnet optical transport network in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Hamburg, London, and Amsterdam.  In combination with similar services from the Nordic NRENs and global partners, end-to-end circuits and waves can be provided for the most demanding applications and transport needs.

MPLS Swithing Fabric

The NORDUnet MPLS switching fabric, based on Juniper swithching routers, provides a switched, fully redundant circuit service with capacities up to 10Gbps.   The service is based on the shared-capacity MPLS fabric, though, bandwidth reservation is possible.  The service allows for end-to-end circuits with Ethernet presentation, with redundancy as well as more complicated private network topologies. The service is available at all locations of the NORDUnet MPLS fabric, i.e., in the Nordic countries, north-west Europe, and North America.   In combination with similar services from the Nordic NRENs and global partners, end-to-end circuits and more complex, private networks can be provided for global user communities.





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