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Save the date for NTW2021

30 November – 2 December 2021

Nordic Technical Workshop hosted by NORDUnet (NTW)

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Arctic Connect R&E Position Paper published

Arctic Connect R&E is a Northern European initiative to acquire a dedicated fiber pair through the Arctic, on the planned Arctic Connect Subsea Cable System (ACSC), bringing substantially better connectivity to the Research, Development, Innovation (RDI), and Education sectors between Europe and Asia and North America.

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KAUST to dramatically upgrade connection to NORDUnet

NORDUnet has for some years been exchanging traffic with KAUST - the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology of Saudi Arabia - through a 10 Gbps connection between Amsterdam and KAUST. This connection is set to be dramatically upgraded.

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Arctic Gateway for Research & Education

The research and education (R&E) networks of the Nordic countries are preparing for participating in the upcoming Arctic Connect Submarine Cable (ACSC) project. This will open a new, fast and short route connecting Europe and Asia in the global R&E community. Hence, NORDUnet today has signed a Letter of Intent with Cinia for a dedicated fiber pair in the Arctic Connect Submarine Cable System. The announcement was made at the virtual global telecom conference PTC’21.

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eduVPN receives French endorsement

Congratulations to DeiC

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40 Years well celebrated

A big thank you to everybody who participated in today's event of 40 years of Nordic collaboration. We are truly happy to note the great interest in the work put down by the Nordic NRENs and their efforts in proving connectivity and services to the Research and Education community. 300 registrations from 45+ different countries around the world give us confidence in our future work for a global outlook combined with our Nordic efforts.

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Celebration Details

Welcome to our 40 years anniversary event on Friday 27 November from 10.00 am – 11:30 am CET.

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Education Session

Education Session in the 40-years event programme

The corona effect on on-line education

Remember to join our anniversary event on Friday 27 November. Register here and see the full programme on – you can also register from the site.

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DeiC appoints Gitte Kudsk as new CEO

NORDUnet congratulates Gitte Julin Kudsk on her appointment as CEO of DeiC (Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation). Gitte has been a long-term close collaborating partner of NORDUnet in a variety of especially communications fora. We look forward to working with Gitte in her new role.

You can read more about Gitte and her new challenges in DeiC's website

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Connecting throug the Arctic Region

Data Intensive Science

Our Anniversary Celebration Programme on Friday 27 November includes a parallel session discussing

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