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SUNET launches national eduroam mobility

600,000 students and researchers in Sweden go mobile with eduroam and The Cloud.

The Swedish education and research network SUNET and The Cloud have entered a partnership that gives researchers, students and staff at Sweden´s universities and university colleges access to wireless Internet connection off-campus vith eduroam authentication on The Cloud´s 4,500 or so access points in Sweden.

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Wide range of topics at day 2 of the NORDUnet conference 2012

The city of Oslo welcomed the 200 NORDUnet participants at the beautiful City Hall Tuesday evening. Fine architecture, impressive murals, Spanish tapas and chilled refreshments all created a perfect venue for the opening reception and some informal social networking.

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Meet the future NRENS at the NORDUnet conference 2012

The NORDUnet conference 2012 opened today in Oslo, Norway with about 200 participants from the international networking community, especially the Nordic NRENs and universities. 
The conference was opened by Petter Kongshaug, chairman of the NORDUnet board and CEO at UNINETT. 

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Nordic NREN community IaaS workshop, Copenhagen, September 12, 2012

Location: NORDUnet office, Kastruplundgade 22, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark - Time: 10:00 – 16:00 CET.

IaaS - A service provided by a company, group, community, or government that provides basic computing, networking, data storage, and virtualized operating system hosting.

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NorthernLight Open Lightpath Exchange in London

NORDUnet has extended the NorthernLight Open Lightpath Exchange with a facility in London to provide OLE acces to Nordic and North Atlantic R&E resources, including the North Atlantic Green Computing Facilities on Iceland.

The NorthernLight OLE facility in London is operational and is interconnected with NortherLight facilities in Nordic countries through the high performance NORDUnet backbone.

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NORDUnet launches peering service

Copenhagen, Denmark

The NORDUnet Community Peering Service provides the European Research and Education Networking
community with a neutral, high quality, IP service towards the commodity internet, content- and cloud providers.

Built on the fully redundant NORDUnet IP backbone and the NORDUnet peering fabric the service is optimized for the
unlimited capacity, quality and speed required tosupport NREN needs for access to top content providers and cloud services.

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Merger of data storage, processing power and network connections to strengthen Danish research

Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and the Danish research network Forskningsnettet has merged into Danish e?infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC). This has been done in order to strengthen the Danish effort in the e?science area, and thereby ensuring Danish research prominence internationally.

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NORDUnet is now present at the NOTA & Equinix Internet eXchange point in Miami, Chicago and Palo Alto

Copenhagen, Denmark

NORDUnet is proud to announce that, as part of the continued expansion of its peering infrastructure in the United States, NORDUnet is now present at the NOTA Internet eXchange point in Miami and at the Equinix Internet eXchange points in Chicago and Palo Alto

NORDUnet is present at the following Internet eXchange Points:

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NORDUnet 2012 Conference - Call for presentations


Dear Colleagues,

The Programme Committee for NORDUnet 2012 invites you to propose presentations for the 27th NORDUnet conference.

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