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Ten knowledge exchange Fellows appointed

NORDUnet is proud to announce the designation of ten knowledge exchange fellows for the upcoming NORDUnet 2016 conference. They will travel to Helsinki from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Khyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines and Zambia.

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Danish NREN DeIC Selects New DWDM Platform

Deic, the Danish NREN, has selcted Ericsson and ECI Telecom as providers for a new, national optical network footprint for research and education. The new DWDM optical network platform, based on the ECI Apollo 9600 series, allow both 100Gbps coherent and 10Gbps optical transmission, with a total of 88 channels on a single fibre.

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Towards tailor-made virtual networks

Reducing the time it takes to set up an experimental network from months to minutes, and allowing Wide Area Network testing, the NORDUnet Global Virtualization Service, GVS, is a great forward stride in network virtualisation. Researchers are now invited to use the new testbed-as-a-service to test new network technologies, create isolated “private” networks and develop advanced distributed applications.

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DI4R conference early bird ending

There is still a chance to register for the Digital Infrastructures for Science (DI4R) conference, held in Krakow on 28-30 September 2016, at the early bird fee.

Go to the conference page, or directly to registration.

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First GÉANT Cloud Workshop

The 1st GÉANT Cloud Workshop will be held in Rome on 12-13 October, hosted by Italian NREN GARR.  The workshop is held in conneciton with a meeting of the GÉANT SIG-MSP special interest group.  The workshop will focus especially on service delivery and management, and on the evolving GÈANT cloud sevices catalogue.

You can read more about the workshop and sign up at GÉANT.

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The step-by-step approach

- Nordic NRENs can be a showcase on how to strengthen cross-border collaboration

A good, robust foundation opens up a wide range of opportunities for collaborating across borders, says Ingrid Melve, director of the eCampus programme at Norwegian Uninett. The current intense Nordic NREN collaboration has developed step-by-step.

- Our starting point was working together to create a strong, flexible infrastructure across the Nordics, Ingrid Melve explains.

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EISCAT 3D – the biggest Nordic capacity challenge yet

Situated in the northernmost parts of Scandinavia, the new EISCAT 3D radar will, when fully operational, be the single most powerful data source in the whole of Scandinavia. Producing 300 Gb/s of atmospheric data to be collected at high-performance computing centres, and an annual 10 petabytes to be stored and distributed to physicists around the world, EISCAT 3D will outstrip the capabilities of any similar radar operating in the world.

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In The Field – new Nordic blog posts

Discover In The Field – the international blog telling fascinating stories from around the world about people and projects connected by high-capacity research and education networks. A substantial number of blog posts are related to Scandinavia: 

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Taking trust to the next level

On the 2nd of June the NORDUnet CERT team successfully completed the Trusted Introducer certification, making it one out of only 17 European security teams achieving the highest level of maturity in Security Incident Management.

The Trusted Introducer certification shows evidence of team maturity, utilizing adequate tools and training. The Certification is based on the Security Incident Management Maturity Model SIM3 and assessed by two auditors. 

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AARC draft Blueprint Architecture

The AARC project has released a draft Blueprint Architecture for comments.  This draft has been created by the projects architecture work package during the first year of the project. The goal of this architecture is to help e-infrastructure operators and technical architects and implementers in the various research communities to enable secure, scalable, and interoperable federated access to their resources by using proven technical solutions and/or implementation patterns.

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