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Discover In The Field – the international blog telling fascinating stories from around the world about people and projects connected by high-capacity research and education networks. A substantial number of blogposts are related to Scandinavia: 

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DeIC Tender for optical transmission equipment re-opened

DeIC has re-issued a request for tender for optical transmission equipment. The request was originally issued in December, but too few vendors submitted requests to participate. Therefore, the process was stopped. It has now been restarted.

DeIC expects to spend between DKK 18 million and 30 million on optical transmission equipment for Forskningsnettet, the Danish National Research and Education Network.

The procurement process has three steps:

First, a number of potential vendors are selected. DeIC expects to select five vendors.

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Registration for NORDUnet Conference 2016 is open

Registration for the 29th NORDUnet Conference is open.

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Building a new Swedish network

NORDUnet and Swedish Sunet are building a new network for the Swedish research and education community. NORDUnet network architect Fredrik "Hugge" Korsbäck's blog offers in-depth technical information.

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Sunet Days in Kristianstad

Twice a year, Swedish Sunet meets with its customers and partners at the Sunet Days. This time the venue is Högskolan Kristianstad in the southernmost part of Sweden. From the 11th to 14th of April representatives from organisations connected to Sunet meet and discuss current topics. Usually the Sunet Days attract between 200 and 250 participants from all over Sweden.

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Creating a more secure internet with Certificate Transparency

Meet Linus Nordberg, a NORDUnet software developer on a mission: Making the internet safer for everyone, and working together with Google to make it happen.

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Making the Internet a bit safer

Research and education networks are not only about fibres, routers and switches. They also try to contribute to the common good of Internet users. Enter CrypTech, hosted by NORDUnet and making the Internet a little bit safer for everybody.

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Call for BoF's for NDN2016 open

If you  want to propose a BoF or a side meeting to be co-located with the NORDUnet conference 2016 in Helsinki on please send an e-mail to Susanne Michelsen.

The conference runs from 20-22 September.

Learn more about the conference, its programme and speakers from the dedicated website

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Programme in progress for NDN2016

The conference theme of “Securing the Internet” make the Programme Committee hope for a wide range of views and perspectives in both presentations and lightning talks. To set the scene for this, keynote Mikko Hyppönen will give his views on security, and there  will even be a complete track dedicated to security.

However, no NORDUnet conference without room for more than just one topic. The programme will also feature a network track covering almost everything from architecture to  implementation, and as usual there will be ample room for technical of relevance to the community.

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Testbeds-as-a-service to help researchers design networks

Researchers who build networks or design advanced distributed applications now have the opportunity to test their designs in a real-world environment – without the risk of breaking services belonging to others in the process. The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) is ready to welcome users.

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