NORDUnet’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) is a state-of-the-art center for all service operations manned by a dedicated technical expert team of six Tier-2 NOC Engineers and a NOC Manager. In addition to providing NRENs with a wide range of services, the NOC also operates and supports fibre, optical and IP network infrastructure using cutting edge technology. The NOC works proactively to ensure high network ability and stability within your network infrastructure by constantly monitoring, running scripts, updating software and generally keeping an eye on your network.


The NOC Service is available to all organizations and projects forming part of the Nordic NREN community.


We combine state-of-the-art software and technology together with an experienced pan-Nordic technology expert team in order to offer you optimal monitoring and troubleshooting of any incident or event in your optical and IP network infrastructure. Our NOC team monitor the network performance and the function of your servers using correlated alarm filters to identify incidents and changes. In the event of a problem, we act immediately to troubleshoot the issue, notify the appropriate personnel and minimize the amount of downtime.

24/7 Network Operation Center services include:

  • Monitoring of state on routed and optical network
  • Monitoring of services
  • Reacting on and resolving procedural and documented problems
  • Performing maintenance according to instructions from 2nd line support staff
  • Escalation of non-procedural problems to 2nd line support within the required technology area
  • Arranging "hands and feet" for remote requests
  • Delivering of IT (Unix & Microsoft) support
  • Serving as on call for out of hours events
  • Administering and maintaining of DNS services
  • Administering domain registration and IP address assignment
  • Administering and maintaining news servers
  • Administering and maintaining list servers
  • Supporting all parts of Scandinavia
  • Handling provisioning requests from customer on base services
  • Escalation of complex network provisioning to 2nd level function

Whatever your preferences, we can customize this service to meet the needs of your infrastructure and budget.

Service levels and escalation

We are committed to offer you the best service availability. Therefore, we endeavor to meet our service availability at the following levels: single route or non-redundant services 99.50%
and protected route or redundant services 99.99%. An escalation procedure is in place to handle non-compliance issues, if any.




If local university or project, contact your own NREN


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