The NORDUnet Team

A number of dedicated teams put all their efforts together to pursue the daily tasks and hence the vision of NORDUnet. Click the individual links to learn more about each of them.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Systems Engineering & Integration (SEI) is NORDUnet’s software and integration expert unit. We provide brain and manpower to projects run by our colleagues.

Our goal is to deliver top quality software by combining innovative thinking, coordinated use of the manpower and information exchange between colleagues working on software development. We handle development and maintenance of software and software services as well as integration between different software systems.

The department is a distributed entity with people located in Aalborg and Copenhagen. We are a team of highly skilled professionals aiming to break new land while contributing to a solid day-to-day operation.

Within project management our objective is to ensure superior quality in planning, organising and controlling of resources, procedures and protocols. We function as project lead in EU funded projects, and we use our knowledge to provide project management expertise to all NORDUnet projects (not restricted to software projects), internally as well as externally.

Network Planning & Engineering (NPE)

Network Planning & Engineering is responsible for what NORDUnet is basically all about: the core backbone equipment and infrastructure including IP, fibre and DWDM.

 We design and implement our networks all the way from idea to delivery to our customers and handle 3rd level trouble shooting. We deliver top class network solutions characterised by innovative design and second-to-none stability.

Service Development

Service Development is the team responsible for the NORDUnet services and service portfolio. We develop and deliver the smartest, most relevant and requested services to our owners and clients.

 Our main responsibilities are to coordinate and consolidate requirements for both new and exciting services, as well as to manage roll-out of new services, and deployment of new software release for existing services. One of our main focus areas is within media and collaboration services. We operate a series of services including state-of-the-art conference and live streaming.  We see ourselves as customer focused technology experts who turn ideas and request into smart solutions at the absolute forefront of new technology.


The operations environment is populated by a team of dedicated and skilled IT-profiles who deliver surveillance, troubleshooting and problem resolution of our IP and optical transmission. They also participate in development of new services and applications.

End-users should contact their own organisation's IT support first and they in turn should contact their own respective NOCs for error reports.  NUNOC (Nordic University Network Operations Center)

NORDUnet publishes also the Open trouble tickets. Please consult the list of trouble tickets before reporting problems to see whether the problem has already been identified and handled.

Finance, HR & Administration

Finance HR and Administration is NORDUnet’s organisational backbone. We handle all financial, administrative and employee related matters.

 We carry out accounting, reporting, payments, tax issues and audits. We are also responsible for contracts and legal issues, salaries and travel expenses. Within HR we focus on building the right competencies and capabilities in the company. How can we attract the best people? How can we develop the existing employees? How can we support knowledge sharing and team spirit?  These are the questions we ask ourselves within our team where specialist skills and a good consideration for colleagues go hand in hand.

Management Team




Valter Nordh, CEO



Lone Nilsson, CFO

Lone Nilsson joined NORDUnet as per January 2019 as CFO. Lone brings +25 years’ experience of finance & accounting within the tech industry.
Highlights include 10 years as Manager of Finance and Administration from the MedTech companies Philips Biocell A/S & Unisensor A/S, and 6 yeas as Manager Financial Controlling from DELTA, now part of FORCE. DELTA/FORCE is one of seven so-called GTS institutes approved by the Danish Ministry of Research and Education working to develop and advise on technology infrastructure.


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Lars Fischer, Strategy & Policy Officer

Lars Fischer is responsible for

  • Driving development initiatives and projects
  • NORDUnet participation in European projects and initiatives, such as GN3, GN3+, MANTYCHORE, and NEXPReS
  • Relationships with European NRENs and the European networking community
  • Coordinating Nordic e-Infrastructure initiatives in collaboration with Nordic partners
  • Working with Nordic advanced users of e-Infrastructure
  • GRID and high performance computing

Lars Fischer has been at NORDUnet since 2004. Before joining NORDUnet he spent 10 years in the Internet & Telecoms industry as technical director at Tele2 and COLT Telecom. Previous to this, Lars did research in programming systems and collaborative computing environments. While in research, Lars helped establish network infrastructure at Danish academic institutions and establish early research and education networks. Lars has worked with advanced networking and computing systems as a programmer, systems administrator, researcher, and manager for the past 25 years.

Lars Ficher is engaged in international collaborations such as GÉANT, TERENA, GLIF, LHCOPN, LHCONE, Lars is co-chair of the GLIF Tech working group,  served for many years on the NORDUnet conference program committee, and is a former chair of the TERENA Networking Conference program committee.

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Erik-Jan Bos - Strategy & Policy Officer

Erik-Jan Bos has been active in the Research and Education Networking
community since his graduation from Delft University of Technology as
an Electrical Engineer in 1987. He worked for the Dutch NREN SURFnet,
until early 2011, when he left his position as CTO.

Since 2011, Erik-Jan has been a member of the International Research
Initiatives Team at NORDUnet. One of his projects is heading the
Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) collaboration that led to the world's
first intercontinental 100 Gbit/s connection for R&E. Erik-Jan is also a
co-secretary of the Global R&E Network CEO Forum.


Ulf Tonelid - Strategy & Policy Officer

Ulf joined NORDUnet October 2012 from a position as CFO at S-Solar AB and has among other positions also served as VP Business Control at NASDAQ OMX and as Nordic Finance Director at MCI (Now Verizon Business). As per January 2019 Ulf assumed the role of Strategy & Policy Officer at NORDUnet.

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Jørgen Qvist, Chief Network Operating & Service Development Officer

Jørgen Qvist is responsible for network operations and services.

Jørgen Qvist joined NORDUnet in August 2008. Before he joined NORDUnet, Jørgen had his initial Telecommunications experience at TDC; he has spent +15 years in the Internet, Telecoms & IT industry, holding a variety of technical and managing positions at companies such as General Electric Information Services, MCI Worldcom and Butlernetworks.
Jørgen holds an EBA (Engineering Bus. Admin.) in Personal Communication and Presentation Techniques from the Copenhagen College of Engineering, as well as Merconom, in Information Technology from Copenhagen Business School.

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Josva Kleist, CSEIO (Chief Software Engineering & Integration Officer)

Josva Kleist is coordinating the design and implementation of NORDUnet development projects, internally and externally This includes NORDUnet activities within GN3.

Josva joined NORDUnet in 2006 and worked as NDGF Software Coordinator until the end of 2010 and was one of the main drivers behind the Nordic distributed WLCG Tier-1. He came to NORDUnet from Aalborg University where he held a position as associate professor in computer science. Josva Kleist's research career has been focused on issues related to networks and distributed systems.

Josva  holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Aalborg University.

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