System Security Engineer

Central Role, Ambitious Company, Responsibility
As system security engineer at NORDUnet you take on a challenging and exciting role in a highly profiled company that operates a world-class telecommunication network and E-infrastructure services for the Nordic research and educational community, enabling scientists, students, and institutions to connect and share knowledge globally.

It is your main responsibility to design, develop, deploy, and manage all security related systems and infrastructure and to constantly oversee NORDUnet’s network and computer systems both internally and externally in order to identify, assess, design, and implement relevant threat preventing measures. You define system security requirements, design possible technical solutions, and in close collaboration with highly skilled internal and external developers and operators you develop and implement new fixes. You are responsible for prioritizing, delegating, and making sure that initiatives are designed, developed, and deployed within the agreed deadline.

Also, you will from time to time be expected to present your work in smaller fora as well as in connection with subject matter conferences all over the world.

Strong Acumen, Technical Insight, Great Communication Skills
You probably have a bachelor’s or higher degree in IT combined with minimum 5 years in a similar specialist role from where you have proven IT security experience. You have technical expertise with a wide portfolio of security control technologies and knowledge of database, operation, and network system security. Also, you have hands-on knowledge within network and ITC technologies, cloud security and application security best practices, tools and methodologies, and finally you have a strong knowledge of principles, practices, and procedures within information security.

You have an analytic approach to your assignments and work in a structured and well-reflected way. You have a great overview and are able to handle multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize whenever necessary. You are self-disciplined, proactive and able to work independently at the same time as you are a diligent team player who is able to inspire and motivate fellow colleagues. You are action oriented and have a can-do attitude and a preference for moving assignments forward. Finally, you have good communications skills and are able to create a sense of urgency in the team around security matters.

You probably speak Danish – or would like to learn so. You speak and write English at a high level.

Technology Enthusiasts, Possibility to Develop
You are offered a central role in a dynamic company that works with cutting-edge technologies and is characterized by a knowledge-sharing and ambitious environment. You will be surrounded by colleagues who are among the best in their field and who belong to a small group of early adapters within their field.

Furthermore, you are offered a position in a company with a constant focus on ensuring the positive, professional development of its employees and where you therefore have a great opportunity to participate in relevant education and conferences all over the world.

Finally, you will get a chance to work in a company where you will be part of the decision-making, and where you have a great share in initiating actions and influencing the agenda.

You will work from NORDUnet’s office in either Copenhagen or Aalborg. However, if your geographical location does not allow this an alternative set-up will be possible.

If you find the job interesting you can apply via Mercuri Urval  Reference no. DK-05907.