Systems Security Engineer to NORDUnet - Aalborg or Copenhagen

Newly established position as Systems Security Engineer with NORDUnet, where your focus will be on helping, developing and maintaining the implementation of information security, programs and systems. NORDUnet operates in a complex landscape with substantial information flows and need for security, which will challenge and develop your professional skills.

As Systems Security Engineer, you will be responsible for the technical design and implementation of security information and systems. The role spans over network and computer systems internally and externally. The Systems Security Engineer will work on the technical aspects of NORDUnet’s information security processes and procedures as defined by the CISO. The role is an operationally important position with direct report to the Chief Systems Engineering & Integration Officer.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Design, develop, deploy and manage security related systems and infrastructure protecting computer systems, networks and information.
  • Identify and define systems security requirements.
  • Design computer security architectures.
  • Configure and troubleshoot security infrastructure.
  • Develop technical solutions and security tools to help mitigate security vulnerabilities.
  • Security hardening of systems.
  • Monitor and evaluate internal and external security threats.
  • Proactively ensure highest levels of Systems Security and infrastructure systems.
  • Monitor and test applications and systems performance for potential security risks.
  • Identify possible solutions and work with developers to implement new fixes.
  • Liaise with vendors and other IT oriented stakeholders.

You hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in IT, Computer Science or similar, with sufficient IT Security experience from a role as specialist. Your experience include working with e.g. information system architecture and security controls of e.g. firewalls, OS configurations, databases, information security policies and procedures.

You have practical knowledge of network and ITC technologies, cloud security, and application security best practices, tools and methodologies and strong knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of information security. Your native language is one of the Scandinavian languages, and you are fluent in English both in writing and orally.

Technically, you have expertise in administration of Windows, OSX, Linux and BSD operating systems, understanding of network technology at both layers 2 and 3, and experience with software development in C, JAVA and Python.

As a person, you present yourself as analytical and reflective, with great drive and the ability to inspire and motivate your surroundings. You demonstrate cultural empathy, with great communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. When needed, you can sell in the need-to-think in security matters to the stakeholders. You can work in a project oriented organization, meet continuous deadlines and act at both a conceptual and problem-solving level.  In your work, you can produce easily understandable to–the-point reports and policies. Your approach is holistic, open for alternatives, and with the ability to go into details if necessary.

When you join NORDUnet you will be among highly skilled colleagues that work at the forefront of new technology. Each day, they strive to design and operate the best network and deliver the best services. Better, smarter and stronger are the guidelines they work by – and excellence is the goal they aim for. Some of the best specialists within their field are working for NORDUnet, and you will be continuously challenged to excel within your area of expertise.

For more information, please contact Mathis Deth Hesselholt from Hudson +45 70 27 77 33. To apply, send your application and resume to - Please mark your application with no. 580.

About NORDUnet:

NORDUnet (, the Nordic research and education network, serves universities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with high speed internet access and scientists with global bandwidth capabilities for special research purposes within supercomputing, physics, astronomy, biology, and other scientific areas which require a scalable and innovative communication infrastructure. NORDUnet serves Nordic National Research and Education Networks (NREN) with:

  • International Research Network access
  • General internet access
  • Special Research Network configurations for VLBI, LHC, GRIDS, etc.
  • International representation for partners worldwide.

NORDUnet was established due to a growing need for collaboration across borders. In 1980 the first NORDUnet conference was held between some of the countries, and in 1985 all 5 countries were involved in the NORDUnet program. The networks count UNINETT (Norway), SUNET (Sweden), FUNET (Finland) RHnet (Iceland), and DeIC (Denmark). In 1993 the countries agreed to establish a company, NORDUnet A/S.