The Power of Nordic Unity

The NORDUnet 40 years-anniversary publication has now seen its first year of existence. It was originally created to honour and promote the work put down over the years by the Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet, the meaning of true community spirit, and how to be strong through unity.

With an unexpected track record so far of 13 awards and prizes from a wide range of international organisations who have reviewed entries from conglomerates such as Nike, Kraft Heinz, and the White House Historical Association, we find it justified to claim that those objectives have been met.

Through an huge collaborative effort, it has proven possible to impress and excite not only our own community but a monumental part of the world by sharing the adventure that began more than 40 years ago and explaining what has been achieved through the Power of Nordic Unity.

Feel free to (re)visit the multi-media publication at and dive into the tales from a true journey and a community that continues to set sails towards new exploits.