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GÉANT SIG-PMV Meeting, 23-24 October

The Special Interest Group for Performance Monitoring and Verification (SIG-PMV) of the GÉANT Association will hold it's 5th meeting in Manchester, UK, on 23-24 October. The goal of the group is to identify and establish best practices for wired/wireless networks and identify approaches that allow both end-users and network operators to ensure that the performance needs of applications are met.

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New Uninett CEO appointed

NORDUnet congratulates Uninett on their new CEO.

Tom A. Røtting has been appointed new CEO of Uninett and will take up the position no later than 1st October 2018.

For more details about Tom Røtting and his appointment, please see here  (Norwegian)

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The NORDUnet 2018 tender for a Storage Solution:

NORDUnet is a joint collaboration by the 5 Nordic National Research and Education Networks in Denmark (DeiC), Finland (CSC Funet), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (Uninett) and Sweden (SUNET) and operates a world-class Nordic and International network and e-Infrastructure service for the Nordic research and educational community.

NORDUnet is an integrated part of the research and higher education community in the Nordic’s and do solely supply services to the research and higher education community.

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Call for Lightning Talks – Deadline 15 August 2018

The NORDUnet2018 Programme Committee invites you to submit a proposal for a Lightning Talk.
Lightning talks are five-minute presentations focusing on a single key point; this can be an idea, a successful project, a cautionary tale, an invitation to join a collaboration, etc. These brief talks are intended to grab the attention of the audience without the burden of background history, business-case justification, or lengthy explanations.

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Across the North Atlantic for Research and Education

MoU secures additional bandwidth and resilience for research & education

Amsterdam, Berkeley, Bloomington, Copenhagen, Ottawa, Utrecht, Washington D.C., April 2018 - Addressing the exponentially growing needs of international science collaborations, connectivity providers for research and education (R&E) continue to find new ways to join forces.

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SUNET days in Gävle

Sunet Days spring 2018 are approaching rapidly. University of Gävle will host this edition of the inspirational event during which  Swedish r&e network Sunet invites its customers and users to meet from 16-19 April. Delegates are presented with four days of presentations, meetings, and discussions.  Four parallel tracks offering subjects such as Identity, security, campus issues, and of course the very relevant GDPR issue, combined with plenary sessions for everyone. NORDUnet will livestream Tuesday's plenary session.

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Registration for the NORDUnet Conference 2018 is open

The 30th NORDUnet conference has opened its registration.

This year's Nordic networkding conference will run from 18-20th September in the historic town of Elsinore, or in Danish "Helsingør". You will find the programme and much more details from the dedicated conference website

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Shibboleth Consortium 2017 report published

The Shibboleth Consortium has pubslihed a bref report of activities and results for 2017

NORDUnet is a Principal Member of the Shibboleth Consortium on behalf of the identity deferations of the Nordic NRENs, and is represented in the consortium board by Manne Miettinen of HAKA / CSC. 

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Registration open for 3rd Fed4FIRE+ Engineering Conference (FEC)

The third Fed4FIRE+ Engineering Conference (FEC) will be take place on 14-16 March 2018 in Paris, France.

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RENU Identity federation joins eduGAIN

The RENU Identity Federation (RIF) - the R&E trust & identity federation for Uganda, created and operated by the RENU, the Udanda NREN, has joined eduGAIN.  EduGAIN is the global inter-federation of trust and identity federation for the reserarch and education, allowing single-sign-on, trusted access to global research data and instruments, and simple, userfriendly access management for researchers and students across the worlds.

RIF is the 55th national federation to join eduGAIN, and the first in sub-Saharan Africa.


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