Service Offerings

NORDUnet provides a wide range of services for the Nordic research and education community, both core network services, above-the-net services, and logistics-related services, both highly technical and non-technical in nature.  Since the primary mission of NORDUnet is to support the Nordic NRENs in offering high quality deliverables to their constituencies, the majority of the NORDUnet servies are delivered to end users by the user's NREN, or the NORDUnet service forms part of a major NREN service offering. 

NORDUnet provides services where it makes sense for the Nordic NRENs to produce or procure them jointly, e.g., where there are economies of scale.  Service may be provided 

  • by NORDUnet producing services locally
  • by NORDUnet procuring services and offering the service through the NRENs
  • by NORDUnet facilitating the sharing and use of services produced by one NREN to the users of one or more other NRENs

In all cases NORDUnet will endeavour to make sure the service integrates with the local NREN environment (e.g., through the use of federated identity for access), and the service will as a general rule be provided under the NREN brand.




If local university or project, contact your own NREN


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