Valter Nordh

After having served two terms on the GÉANT Board of Directors Valter Nordh, was recently appointed interim CEO of NORDUnet.

While serving on the GÉANT Board, Valter Nordh has contributed to the European development of research and education networks in several roles, most recently as chairman of the GÉANT Community Committee (GCC). The committee’s main purpose is to oversee the GÉANT Community Program (GCP), formerly known as the TERENA Technical Program. The main purpose of the GCP is to help national research and education networks (NRENs) to improve their service to the research and education communities.

Before joining NORDUnet, Valter Nordh was with Swedish NREN Sunet for eight years as one of its Chief Technical Officers. Over the years, among his tasks was leading the Swedish identity federation SWAMID and managing the relationship with Sunet customers and other e-infrastructure organizations in Sweden.

During his six years as GÉANT Board member, Valter Nordh has contributed to the European association with his in-depth experience on secure identification management systems, but also other key areas including several community task forces.