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Category: NDN2022

Goodbye Reykjavik – Welcome to Bergen in 2024

The 31st NORDUnet conference in Reykjavik, Iceland seemed to have everything required for a great event; a beautiful venue in sunny Reykjavik, a record-breaking crowd, exciting and inspiring plenary talks,

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The NDN2024 programme is out

The NORDUnet 2024 conference programme has been published. You will find well-known session topics relevant to the research and education community, such as network updates,

ANA consortium website launched

The Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) consortium is a joint effort between nine research and education networking organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia committed to

DKCERT hosting TF-CSIRT in Copenhagen

The 71st TF-CSIRT (Task Force on Computer Security Incident Response) meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 13-15 2024, hosted by DKCERT at

Terabit network ready for EISCAT_3D

EISCAT_3D radar will enhance near-Earth space research – the crucial data network is now ready The European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association (EISCAT) has been operating