The NORDUnet Strategy 2019-2023

The main ingredients of the 2019-2023 Strategy are that we add value for the National Research & Education Networks (NRENs) and Research & Education communities through Nordic collaboration in providing:
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network Services
  • Support


The purpose of NORDUnet is to Enable World-Class Research and Education through Nordic Collaboration.

NORDUnet add value for the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and Research & Education communities through Nordic collaboration by providing network infrastructure, services and support. NORDUnet leverage the common Nordic voice in international collaborations including key commercial partners. NORDUnet drive shared knowledge by pooling core competences within the NREN community with the best qualified people.

There are six focus areas of the NORDUnet strategy, as illustrated in the figure below.

Circle showing the 6 strategic focus areas of NORDUnet

Partnerships: NORDUnet, together with the Nordic NREN Community, strive to be an attractive partner for EU and international collaborations. NORDUnet represent the Nordic NRENs at GÉANT and in international forums, leveraging joint Nordic views. To improve the Nordic e-infrastructure ecosystem we collaborate with NeIC and other Nordic partners. NORDUnet develop Nordic, European and international partnerships to attract external funding for projects and infrastructure.

People and Competences: We ensure sustainability of knowledge by pooling core competences at Nordic level. The Nordic NRENs are committed to contributing resources for joint Nordic projects and activities. We ensure that NORDUnet & the Nordic NREN Community are attractive for the best qualified people. On a Nordic level, we coordinate skills and development.

Processes: We have established a clear Nordic decision framework and an efficient governance model. We identify needs and we spot opportunities for common Nordic procurement. In collaboration, we prioritize which projects we drive and where we participate, on a Nordic level, a European level, and an international level. International representation for the Nordics is coordinated within the NORDUnet & Nordic NREN Community.

Customers: NORDUnet are a strong facilitator of Nordic collaboration. We coordinate joint Nordic positions and views. We leverage the common Nordic voice in international collaborations and towards key commercial partners, and we coordinate with and support the Nordic NRENs to serve their increasingly diversified research and education communities.

Products and Services: We manage data communications between the Nordic and international networks, and  we have international impact based on the needs of the Nordic NRENs and their users. We provide, enable, and facilitate the sharing of Nordic services and infrastructure, and we support the NRENs in defining research & education content delivery mechanisms.

Technology Infrastructure: We coordinate operations and global outreach, and we coordinate engineering of the next generation NORDUnet network and of data communications services. We are a partner in the future telecommunications market, towards other player such as content distribution networks, satellite companies, and telecommunications companies.

NORDUnet have set three strategic priorities for the 2019-2023 period:

  1. Increasing the value for customers
  2. Leveraging Nordic strength
  3. Developing future competences

Addressing these strategic priorities will allow NORDUnet to be key in fulfilling the strategic target of enabling world-class research and education through Nordic collaboration.

Figure showing the strategic priorities areas of NORDUnet

We will increase value for customers by facilitating Nordic collaboration, providing future infrastructure and services based on NREN needs, and delivering state of the art efficiency, quality, and operations.

We will leverage Nordic strength to drive international initiatives in collaboration with NRENs, to act on the disruptive forces on the telecommunications market, and to develop new investment and funding models and work towards cost efficiency for the Nordic NRENs.

We will develop future competences by creating a clear governance model for efficient strategy implementation, by evolving processes and working practices in collaboration with NRENs, and by strengthening the Nordic knowledge base by pooling key competences.

To realise the strategic aspirations, NORDUnet defines annual strategic objectives. The focus of each of these objectives is to facilitate the NORDUnet system of value creation. Strategic objectives are agreed between NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs annually.

For 2023, there are three strategic objectives:

  1. Collaboration: Nordic NRENs community engaged in collaborative efforts, with clear roles and responsibilities.
  2. Digital Transformation: Understand the Nordic value add and NORDUnet role in support the digital transition in research and education.
  3. Research and Data Infrastructures: Understand the Nordic value add and NORDUnet and Nordic NREN role in support for research and data infrastructures.