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Time to register for the 2024 NORDUnet Conference

Registration to 32nd NORDUnet Conference is open.

The 32nd NORDUnet conference will take place on 10th-12th September, 2024 in Bergen, Norway hosted by Norwegian NREN Sikt together with NORDUnet. Being  the premier event for the Nordic research and education networking community the NORDUnet conference offers a platform for leaders, technologists, practitioners, policy makers, and researchers to meet with European and global peers. It […]

A vision for two Arctic subsea cables

Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet: By 2030 or soon thereafter, a resilient submarine cable system across the Arctic region towards East Asia must be in place. A route through the Arctic region is the route for connecting Europe to Asia, and since the cable laying technology is ready the timing is right for taking advantage of […]

Strong momentum for Polar connectivity

NORDUnet CEO Valter Nordh has been invited to present the two Arctic sub-sea Europe-Asia cable projects under preparation to key audiences in Europe and USA. Under the headline Polar Connect, NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs aim to exploit recent progress in cable laying technology which has opened the field for connections through the Arctic Ocean. […]

NORDUnet receives “Facilitator for Emerging NRENs 2021” award at APAN55

On 15 March 2023, in Kathmandu, Nepal, the session “NRENs’ activities during the pandemic and attained resilience” at the APAN55 meeting saw Mohammad Tawrit, CEO of Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN), on behalf of the Steering Committee of the Asi@Connect Project, present Valter Nordh, CEO of NORDUnet, with the Facilitator for Emerging NRENs 2021 […]

Expansion of Asian-European collaboration (AER)

14 March 2023, Katmandu, Nepal. The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) joins NORDUnet and nine other partners in the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring.The inclusion of KISTI in the network collaboration was confirmed today in a signing ceremony during the opening plenary of the APAN 55 conference. The Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring (AER) is a collaboration between […]

NORDUnet cyber security team renews certification

The Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) at NORDUnet has completed the relevant procedures for re-certification under the auspices of the European cyber security organization TF-CSIRT. “We are pleased to be able to maintain a top standing when it comes to cyber security. First of all, our collaborators can know that we follow best practice […]

Assisting next level e-learning in South Asia

Following several years of collaboration on remote education, NORDUnet and partners in six South Asian countries take things to the next level. Project BeLISAC – Building eLearning Infrastructure in South Asian Countries – seeks to utilize the momentum for e-learning which has swept across the region since the COVID-19 outbreak. Erik Kikkenborg, Media Services Manager […]

NORDUnet to lead Northern EU Gateways work package

NEUGW — this way –> The efforts by NORDUnet to catalyze establishment of a subsea cable connection through the Arctic Ocean have gained significant momentum through a grant from the EU. The new funding will allow NORDUnet and partners to investigate in detail how subsea optical cables can connect Europe to Japan and North America […]

Polar Connectivity Webinar

On 5 October, NORDUnet is hosting a webinar on the economic value of submarine cables in the Arctic and associated topics relating to fiber connectivity between Asia and the EU. Discover how direct sub-sea fiber connectivity from the EU to Japan and Asia through the Artic region will add redundancy, and mitigate existing risks with […]

Registration Open for the NORDUnet Conference 2022

NDN2022 will take place in Iceland on 13-15 September, and we are so much looking forward to welcoming you all to a real life event Register the conference now! The NORDUnet Conference is back and will run as a physical event offering exciting plenaries, individual sessions covering the most talked-off topics of the times, and […]