Fast and stable Network Ring between Europe and Asia-Pacific

Extensive backup links to ensure network resilience and boost connectivity between Asia and Europe for research and education
NORDUnet has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the collaboration to run 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) networks between Asia and Europe. The MOU partners have agreed to contribute their own 100Gbps link to create a resilient system, called Asiapacific-Europe Ring (AER). In the event that one link in the ring fails, traffic between Europe and Asia will be transported over one or more of the other links.Today, Asia and Europe further strengthen their collaboration with an MOU that will see eight R&E Networks agreeing to provide a backup path for each other in the event of any link failure, creating an extremely robust and resilient network ring. This remarkable collaboration enhances the 100Gbps CAE-1 system launched in June 2019, and will benefit researchers in Europe, Asia and Australia.
AER is a remarkable collaboration in the field of R&E networking between Asia and Europe and significantly improves the reliability of the connectivity between various R&E network organizations. AER also is an important step forward in further developing the Global Research & Education Network (GREN), based on the Global Network Architecture (GNA) for R&E.
The AER allows more flexible network operation as well as providing high speed resilient data transfers between the R&E communities.
For more information about the MOU and the partners involved please refer to the full press release attached