Hermes Award for NORDUnet Publication

Another platinum win bestowed on “The Power of Nordic Unity - 40 years of NORDUnet”.

NORDUnet is honoured to have received a prestigious platinum Hermes Creative Award in the digital publication category for best eBook/iBook.

This Hermes Award adds to the impressive recognition already received through three previous awards won by the eBook prepared in connection with the celebration of NORDUnet’s 40 years anniversary. “The Power of Nordic Unity - 40 years of NORDUnet” invites readers to explore a timeline of the ground breaking achievements of NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs and other Nordic tech innovations that amongst other things prepared Nordic R&E networks to excel in the 2020 pandemic.

The Hermes Creative Awards has more than 25 years of experience evaluating hundreds of thousands of entries and has become one of the world's largest and most recognized creative competitions. The Hermes statuette represents the ancient Greek winged messenger that recognizes modern messengers of creative and digital platforms.

We believe that NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs are also messengers bringing innovation on connectivity and services to the Nordic Research and Education communities.

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