Introducing the GREN

NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs are proud members of a global family of research and education networks, each serving their own country or region. Together, the world’s R&E Networks form the Global Research & Education Network (the GREN), enabling the global collaboration of modern research, or in other words “So that Luiz’ research team in Mexico City can connect to Greta’s team in Oslo using data housed in Melbourne.

Our long-time partner CANARIE – Canada’s National Reseach & Education Network - has masterminded a testimony of global efforts in the Research and Education community. Experience the power of the GREN in just 3 minutes.

CANARIE is a key partner of NORDUnet in the Advanced North Atlantic (ANA) collaboration, which has pioneered a new type of partnering for intercontinental bandwidth between NRENs. When NRENs team up, they are able to get access to higher bandwidth and more resilient connections cheaper than they would be able to individually.

ANA was inaugurated in 2014. Since, several other high-capacity R&E connections have been established or are underway. These connections are a key part of the infrastructure supporting what is becoming a truly global research and education network – the GREN.