MYREN launches 100 Gbps R&E Network

Today Malaysian NREN MYREN is launching a 100 Gbps network. NORDUnet congratulates MYREN with this great achievement. Established in 2005, MYREN is a young NREN but is making great strides. A 100 Gbps R&E network is a major step forward for Malaysia in general, and for the more than 800,000 researchers and students in Malaysia in particular.
For the Asia-Pacific and the APAN region, the move to 100 Gbps is critically important. The move toward global science and education is accelerating, making infrastructure for research and education more important than ever. R&E networks understand that global science require global infrastructure. This is why R&E networks from around the world are collaborating in the Global Network Architecture (GNA). The new MYREN network forms an important piece of that puzzle.

At NORDUnet we are delighted with this development. We have had the pleasure of working closely with MYREN in the past and we know we share the vision to connect and collaborate globally. NORDUnet is looking forward to following the future, continued evolution of MYREN, and to the continued collaboration and strong relations between MYREN and NORDUnet.