NORDUnet is conducting tender for Learning Management Systems

On behalf of Swedish SUNET and Danish DeiC, NORDUnet has invited Learning Management System vendors to bid for framework contracts for a LMS platform for the two countries, either a cloud based SaaS or an on premise installation with multi-tenant capability.

As the Danish and Swedish key requirements are nearly identical, NORDUnet is able to conduct a shared framework tender. Using the competitive dialogue procedure as specified by the EU, the final bidders will be selected in three stages: Prequalification, Dialogue and Final Bid.

Some of the key requirements for the LMS is that it should be standardised, modular and flexible, using open standards like LTI and IMS, have an API for integration with other systems, and have support for Single Sign-on Systems.

Also, it should support multiple pedagogic methodologies and languages, have an HTML based, intuitive user interface for students, teachers and administrative purposes, have support for mobile devices and support for digital exams and assessments, with i.e. support for the use of safe exam browser.

NORDUnet expects to award a maximum of three framework agreements each with a potential term of up to six years from frame contract signature. The final contracts will be signed end of January 2017.