NORDUnet Position on Arctic Connect and European Data Gateway Platforms Strategy

We are sad to learn that the Arctic Connect Submarine Cable project has encountered a setback, as voiced in the recent announcement from Cinia on the status of the Arctic Connect Submarine Cable system project. This, however, will not change NORDUnet’s focus towards the EDG Platforms Strategy, and we will continue to explore options for Arctic connectivity, in addition to connectivity towards Asia and North America.

The EDG Platforms Strategy was prepared under the leadership of the Portuguese EU Presidency. It was ratified by a Ministerial Declaration, and signed on 19 March 2021 by all EU Member States and Norway and Iceland.

Under this Strategy, four EDG Platforms have been defined:

  • The EU-North Sea & Arctic Data Gateway Platform
  • The EU-Baltic-to-Black Sea Data Gateway Platform
  • The EU-Atlantic Data Gateway Platform
  • The EU-Mediterranean Data Gateway Platform

NORDUnet is committed to exploring all options in the North Sea and Arctic and in the Baltic-to-Black Sea EDG Platforms, together with our partners, with existing, planned, and new projects that have a great potential to add to the Nordic Connectivity Strategy.