NORDUnet is tendering for a Media Management Solution

NORDUnet is tendering for a Media Management Solution

On behalf of SUNET, Sweden, DeiC, Denmark, Funet/CSC, Finland, and Uninett, Norway, NORDUnet invites suppliers of media management solutions to bid for a contract for a media management platform.

Currently NORDUnet operates a media management systems service for DeiC, Uninett, and Funet/CSC, based on the Kaltura On-Prem Edition, whereas Sunet uses the Kaltura SaaS Edition. The new contract is to cover the full scope of these existing services. Also, the new installation is required to be multi-tenant, enabling NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to resell the service to their member institutions. 

The solution is required to be standardised, modular, and flexible. It has to be provided as an on-premise solution with the capability to run in a standard fully virtualised Server and Storage (XaaS) environment. Bidders must have a single point of contact helpdesk and a 24/7 support organisation, and the solutions must be able to integrate with external systems and support externalised authentication and authorisation.

Using the competitive dialogue procedure as specified by the EU, the final bidders will be selected in three stages: Prequalification, Dialogue and Final Bid. A team of representatives from the four NRENs and NORDUnet will conduct the procurement. The team expects to award a maximum of three contracts. The final contracts will be signed end of May 2017.

For in-depth information please visit the NORDUnet Tender Wiki: