R&E Networks Pick their Project Planning Team

At the March 2021 general assembly of GÉANT Association, the European R&E network collaboration, new members were elected for a key body. The GÉANT Programme Planning Committee (GPPC) will prepare project proposals for European R&E Networking and related areas under the Horizon Europe seven-year framework programme for research funding, starting with a Financial Framework Partnership Agreement (FFPA) setting out the objectives and key actions for pan-European research networking in the coming seven years.

Committee members are elected for four years with overleaping intervals – meaning every second year, half the members are for election.

NORUDnet welcomes Ann Harding, SWITCH (Switzerland), Sabine Jaume, RENATER (France)], and Ramas Kvatadze, GRENA (Georgia) as new members of the GPPC, and Leonie Schäfer, DFN (Germany), elected for a second term.

Continuing as members of the committee are Raimundas Tuminauskas, GPPC chair and member of the GÉANT board, PSNC (Poland), Janos Mohacsi, KIFU (Hungary), Mauro Campanella, GARR (Italy), Matthew Dovey, Jisc (UK), Cezary Mazurek, PSNC (Poland), and Lars Fischer (NORDUnet).