Ten knowledge exchange Fellows appointed

NORDUnet is proud to announce the designation of ten knowledge exchange fellows for the upcoming NORDUnet 2016 conference. They will travel to Helsinki from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Khyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines and Zambia.

- We are very grateful to our partners Eduix and Ciena who have made this possible by supporting the initiative, says NORDUnet CEO René Buch.

- It is a pleasure to get support for the collaboration between the Nordic NREN community and emerging NRENs from Africa, Asia and the Middle East from visioranry players both within and outside the NREN community. As we all know, many of the emerging NRENs are struggling hard to build stable and secure infrastructures connecting national and regional research and education to the global R&E community. This initiative is one of the ways to support such an endeavour and we certainly look forward to taking this further.

The Emerging NREN Fellows will have the complete conference programme at their disposal, taking their pick from all the cutting edge knowledge presented. On top of this there will also be numerous options for social networking.

René Buch elaborates:

- After the conference we’ve arranged for them to visit the NORDUnet operations centre in Stockholm, Sweden, and our head office in Kastrup, Denmark, for in-depth discussions about network operations, partnerships, services, strategies etc. We are confident there will be a lot to talk about, sharing experience, discussing various issues like designing firewalls, organising support and all the other day-to-day challenges of operating and maintaining a network.

- We hope to build long lasting relations and friendships. This will hopefully be the starting point for supporting and helping each other on a regular basis. In my opinion you have to build personal relationships to really make knowledge exchange work effectively.

- In recent years NORDUnet has been reaching out across the globe to other NRENs to work together in sharing knowledge and network resources. With the Emerging NREN Fellowship programme we’re taking yet another step in that direction, and I’m grateful for the support from Eduix and Ciena in this effort.