NORDUnet shall build and operate a world-class network infrastructure for the Nordic research and educational community.

NORDUnet shall achieve this through shared infrastructure or bilateral collaboration where it makes strategic, operational and financial sense.

NORDUnet shall focus on:

1.1 Develop and operate a Nordic hybrid networking infrastructure

Provide an infrastructure that ensures a superior quality shared IP service for large numbers of users and demanding applications, as well as  state-of-the-art pervasive end-2-end circuit network services for advanced applications and user communities.

1.2 end2end performance (PERT)

NORDUnet will focus on end-to-end performance for users and applications of both shared IP and circuit network services. To achieve this, NORDUnet will work with international partners and with the Nordic NRENs to ensure maximum trouble free performance.

1.3 end2end connectivity provisioning (DCN)

NORDUnet will provide the tools and capabilities to quickly and efficiently provision multi-domain, global circuit networks, and create capabilities for dynamic circuit networks. To achieve this, NORDUnet will collaborate with partners internationally on developing state-of-the-art systems and in setting up trials and demonstrations.
NORDUnet shall develop an effective administrative process for contract administration and charging of these services.

1.4 Expand, Develop and optimize international networking options

NORDUnet shall maintain and develop an operational and financial independent Nordic and International networking infrastructure using all available options (e.g. GÉANT, cross border fibre and bilateral agreements).
Expand network reach as necessary to achieve peering, low cost IP transit, DCN connectivity, and redundancy.
Expand Network reach in the EU, using a dual approach, with both GÉANT and own initiatives where it makes strategic, practical and financial sense.

1.5 Development of Financial Models for:

Harmonization of cross Nordic circuit costs.
Connectivity outside the Nordic region, including cross border fiber.