The Peering Service is supported by NORDUnet’s global IP backbone and extended peering infrastructure. Our aim is to provide the European NREN community with a neutral high quality IP service towards the commercial Internet and content providers. Through joint collaboration with the European NREN community, we can improve the service for the benefit of all participants and thereby increase the likelihood of establishing new peers.


The Peering Service is available to all members of the European NREN community


Two connectivity options are available: a 10-Gbps or a 100-Gbps Ethernet port. The 10/100-Gbps ports can be either flat rate or metered.

Network reliability and quality:

  • Quarterly service availability is 99.9% for single connected and 99.995% for redundant connected services.
  • Average packet loss is less than 0.01%.
  • Average round trip delay is:

Inter Europe (excl. Iceland)           < 40Ms

Europe Mainland to US East           < 60Ms

Inter US                                        < 50Ms

Technical details:

Full service:

The full Peering Service provides you with a standard full Internet table allowing for global connectivity. Where available the traffic delivery is leveraging on our direct peers and an upstream network is used for the remaining destinations.

Partial service:

The partial Peering Service provides you with a subset of the global Internet routing table. Only the prefixes learned from our direct peers are provided and prefixes are only announced to those peers. We learn roughly 80% of the global table from direct peers, and we will continue to increase this percentage. Access to global connectivity would require an alternative upstream network.

Connection options:

Interface Type





10 Gigabit Ethernet




Nx 10 Gigabit Ethernet



100 Gigabit Ethernet




Nx 100 Gigabit Ethernet




Routing information:              IPv4                             IPv6

Routing Type                            BGP                               BGP

Linknet NORDUnet                    ✓                                   ✓

Linknet Size                               /30                                /127

MD5 Authentication                  ✓                                   ✓

BFD                                           ✓                                   ✓


Route filtering:

An exact match IP prefix-list filter will be installed on your BGP sessions. The filter will be populated according to information extracted from your provided ASN Set/Macro. Separate filters for IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes are maintained and updated automatically every 24 hours, or at request. In order for new prefixes to become globally visible behind NORDUnet a route-object associated with your ASN Set/Macro must be defined. Based on the number of defined prefixes in the ASN Set/Macro a 10% increase of the absolute number will be applied as a maximum-prefix setting on the BGP session.



The full or partial Peering Service can be provided at the following points-of-presence:


Location                                         Datacenter     

Amsterdam, the Netherlands           SARA/Vancis      

Copenhagen, Denmark                    UNI-C     

Copenhagen, Denmark                    Telia Ørestad     

Frankfurt, Germany                         Interxion FRA2  

Hamburg, Germany                          Incolocate

London, United Kingdom                  TeleCity HEX      

Stockholm, Sweden                          STOKAB Thule    

Stockholm, Sweden                          Telia STK2

Kista, Sweden                                  Interxion          


If you wish for service termination in a different POP within the same metropolitan area, we will review other locations on a case-by-case basis.

To secure the best possible commodity internet service for the Nordic research and educational networks NORDUnet A/S operates a global IP network and is currently present at the following Internet eXchange points:

  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • NL-IX in Amsterdam
  • DE-CIX in Frankfurt
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • Equinix in Ashburn (Washington D.C.)
  • Equinix in Chicago (IL)
  • Equinix in Palo Alto (CA)
  • LINX in London
  • NETNOD in Stockholm
  • STHIX in Stockholm
  • NIX in Oslo
  • NOTA in Miami
  • FL-IX in Miami
  • NYIIX in New York
  • RIX in Reykjavik

For more details about our current network and peering infrastructure visit our corporate website:




If local university or project, contact your own NREN


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