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Zooming in on SUNET

Over the coming three weeks Swedish NREN Sunet will host a wealth of online seminars, presentations, and opportunities for mingling. Following the successful conversion in 2021, the Swedish national research

NORDUnet Zoom Service and GDPR compliance

NORDUnet Zoom Service and GDPR compliance In line with the past weeks’ huge increase in demand for and use of video conferencing and teaching via Zoom we have seen a

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NORDUnet Zoom workshop 8-9 May 2019

Following the workshop on the Kaltura service the NORDUnet media team is now inviting for a similar event for the Zoom service on 8th-9th May. Registration will close Friday 3rd

Zoom Virtual Meeting Service for R&E

NORDUnet has launched a new, easy-to-use high-definition virtual meeting service based on Zoom, designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile researchers, students, and educators. The NORDUnet Zoom partnership provides

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New Zoom service

NORDUnet has launched a proof of concept (POC) for a new web meeting service based on Zoom Video Conferencing Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and

Terms and conditions

Home Below you can find the NORDUnet master service agreement with general terms and condition for all NORDUnet services, plus addenda covering service levels, privacy, and support. A PDF os attached

Real-Time Communication

Home Real time communication Services for desktop collaboration, webcasting, videoconferencing,  etc. are offered through the Nordic NRENs to users in the R&E community. The services provided by NORDUnet allow (Nordic)


Home The nordunet team A number of dedicated teams put all their efforts together to pursue the daily tasks and hence the vision of NORDUnet. Meet our management and leadership

Digital October Festival in Sweden

Home Over the coming three weeks  SUNET – the Swedish NREN – will host a wealth of online seminars, presentations, and opportunities for mingling. Following the successful introduction of a


A voice for Nordic values in international negotiations The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden – jointly have a population of 27 million people, and the

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NORDUnet to address Arctics at EuroDIG

With internet traffic between Europe and Asia continuing to rise, direct connectivity via the Arctic Ocean becomes increasingly attractive. This will be a key message