Direct South Africa - South America connectivity

TENET (the NREN of South Africa) and RedCLARA (the regional network of South America, interconnecting the NRENs of the countries in South Amercia) have recently enabled direct R&E connectivity across the South Atlantic. The link utilises NREN connectivity secured on the SACS (South Atlantic Cable System) and WACS (West African Cable System) submarine cables. The link offers high-capacity internet connections between the continents for researchers and students. 

The new link dramatically reduces the latency of R&E internet traffic between Africa and South America. Previously, traffic would travel through Europe and and USA, creating a much longer path, and more sources of error. The reduced latency has a dramatic impact on the quality of interactive network services, such as remote education. The new connection is also an important step towards digital indepence for African and South African R&E networks, lessening the dependence on North American and European networks.

The direct connection between South America and Africa is a major step forward for global research and education networking, and is perfectly in line with the vision set out by the Global Network Architecture. NORDUnet congratulates our South American and South African partners on this monumentous achievement. 

More information at the RedCLARE website.