EOSC-Nordic publish report on Barriers to Cross-border Data Sharing

The vision of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is that European researchers can share and reuse research data across Europe, boosting reseach productivity and impact. As part of its contribution to the understanding and eventual realisation of this vision, the EOSC-Nordic project has studied legal barries to data sharing. In a report co-authored by NORDUnet, the project examines a number of use-cases and studies the impact of the legal framework for desired and actual data sharing. 

This report is the first of two studies from the EOSC-Nordic project exploring on the legal framework for open science in the Baltics and the Nordics. The actual deliverable presents an analysis of the current state of play. A future deliverable will propose policy recommendations. The study finds that often institutional policies rather than legislation make up the major barrier, and that support for managing legal issues is needed at the insitution and individual researcher level.  

The report can be found that the EOSC-Nordic website: EOSC-Nordic Deliverable 2.3: Open Science in the Nordics: Legal Insights