Nordics receive honour and community awards

Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour  - Erik Kikkenborg

Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour

NORDUnet Media Services Manager Erik Kikkenborg has been awarded the prestigious Vietsch Foundation Medal of Honour 2020 together with Bartek Idzikowski of PSNC. They have received the medal for their huge commitment to the R&E community through their dedicated efforts to safeguard broadcast and recording of talks from the TNC conferences over the years.

Erik and Bartek together with  their teams epitomize the notion of collaboration that is so valuable to progress. On top of improving the basic broadcast and recording of a conference they have also taken the underlying audio and video to the next level supporting both the speakers on stage and the remote attendees. Where conference rooms turn out to be too small for the physical crowd they don't let anyone down but make sure that parallel streaming is available for more rooms making everyone part of the same event.


In addition to their efforts at the TNC conferences, Erik and Bartek together with their teams have safeguarded the same high standards in streaming, recording, video, audio, etc. at the NORDUnet conferences.

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GÉANT Community Award

Another Nordic award winner to celebrate is Leif Johansson of Swedish SUNET, who shares this year' Community Award with  Ann Harding (SWITCH) and Niels van Dijk, SURF. Leif was in particular recognized for his contributions within Trust and Identity and other technologies for the R&E networking community.


The Community Award is a sign of recognition for the individual efforts that make up  community collaborations.