Welcome Sikt

A new Norwegian service organisation for education and research community has come into being as of 1 January 2022.

Sikt has been created as a merger of former NREN Uninett, NSD (Norwegian Center for Research Data), and Unit (Directorate
for ICT and joint services in higher education and research). The mission of this new organisation will be to develop and
deliver services to education and research under one umbrella and safeguard access to secure, stable and coherent services
to everyone within the community.

Heading Sikt will be Roar Olsen, former head of Unit. Tom Røtting, former CEO of Uninett, will continue to head the data and infrastructure division, and he will also continue his tenure on the NORDUnet board of directors.

NORDUnet look forward to keeping up the collaboration with everyone at Sikt.

You can learn more about Sikt from www.sikt.no