Welcome Sikt

A new Norwegian service organisation for education and research community has come into being as of 1 January 2022. Sikt has been created as a merger of former NREN Uninett, NSD (Norwegian Center for Research Data), and Unit (Directorate for ICT and joint services in higher education and research). The mission of this new organisation will […]

The Power of Nordic Unity

The NORDUnet 40 years-anniversary publication has now seen its first year of existence. It was originally created to honour and promote the work put down over the years by the Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet, the meaning of true community spirit, and how to be strong through unity. With an unexpected track record so far of […]

More room for roaming

NORDUnet donates IPR for geteduroam software along with EUR 60,000 to the geteduroam open-source consortium. The eduroam service for global, secure mobility allows access to Wi-Fi at almost every university campus and research institutions around the world. The service was developed by the NREN community and has been tremendously successful, enabling researchers and students to […]

René Buch to join the European Open Science Cloud

Following 16 years as CEO of NORDUnet, René Buch becomes Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Association. Initiated by the European Commission, EOSC will open doors for improved utilization of the vast amounts of research data generated in Europe. With René Buch as CTO, the EOSC Association will benefit from […]

First Danish projects for a world class computer

Home Before long, one of the world’s most powerful computers will become operational in Kajaani, Finland. The supercomputer LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) will have a maximum capacity of 552 petaflops per second. In comparison, the Fugaku supercomputer in Japan, recognized as the world’s most powerful supercomputer today, has a max capacity of 512 petaflops […]

Danish NREN conference back on track

“Providing digital solutions in a changing world” will be the overall theme, as Danish NREN DeiC invites its stakeholders to a physical conference November 3-4. 

Digital October Festival in Sweden

Home Over the coming three weeks  SUNET – the Swedish NREN – will host a wealth of online seminars, presentations, and opportunities for mingling. Following the successful introduction of a new format in spring 2021, SUNET has also converted the autumn edition of its traditional buffet of seminars – the “Sunetdagarne” – to an all-digital […]

Early-bird fee reminder for Nordic Technical Workshop 2021

Home The 2021 edition of the Nordic Technical Workshop is on from 30 November – 2 December in Copenhagen. As usual a diverse range of sessions will take a deep dive into network discussions, and the status and evolution of especially the media services. We will discuss the ever-important privacy, security, T&I issues and  a great […]