NORDUnet commitment to Far North Fibre

Globe seen from the north, showing FNF route.

In a presse release on 2 December 2022, Far North Fiber, Inc has announced a Letter of Intent signed with NORDUnet, wherein NORDUnet express interest in a dedicated fiber pair in the FNF Submarine Cable System between Norway/Finland and Japan. This could potentially also include other landing points pending interest from Research & Education Network […]

NORDUnet Media Services community meet for Kaltura Service Workshop

The first post-corona in-person NORDUnet Media Services Workshop has gone live. A number of dedicated participants from both Nordic NRENs and university/higher education institutions have joined an interactive workshop about the Nordic NREN Kaltura Service. This lunch-to-lunch meeting marks the restart of the face-to-face engagement of the Nordic media services group. Today’s agenda focused on […]

GÉANT Association elects new chair and board members

At an in-person session today in Amsterdam, the GÉANT Association general assembly elected new members to its Board of Directors. Gilles Massen, Director of the Restena Foundation (NREN of Luxembourg) was elected chairman of the GÉANT Association board of directors for a period of three years. Heidi Fraser-Krauss (CEO of UK NREN Jisc) and George […]

Invitation to Tender for Learning Management Solution (LMS)

On behalf of the Nordic NRENs , Swedish SUNET, Danish DeiC, Icelandic RHnet, and Finnish CSC/Funet, NORDUnet has issued an Invite To Tender to encourage Learning Management System vendors to bid for framework contracts for a Learning Management Solution (LMS) for the four countries. The procurement shall enable NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to purchase […]

NORDUnet Kaltura Workshop

We are happy to invite all Nordic NRENs and their connected institutions to a Media Service workshop focusing on Kaltura on 29-30 November 2022. It will be a lunch-lunch event. The workshop will include a roadmap on new features in Kaltura and a walk trough on features and workflows in the newly installed version of […]

Subsea Threats: Resilience is Called For

The current geopolitical situation highlights the importance of having a range of alternative fiber optic cables to ensure true sovereignty in connectivity. The war in Ukraine and the recent sabotage on Baltic Sea gas pipelines have underscored the vulnerability of the critical, international infrastructure that ties the modern world together. This is not only true […]

Arctic input at Danish NREN conference

Danish NREN DeiC invites stakeholders for its two-day Annual Conference 2022. The conference is held as a physical event 26-27 October with the overall theme “Alignment and Maturity: Implementing Research Infrastructure Solutions”. In line with tradition, this year’s DeiC Conference is structured around the four key pillars of the DeiC infrastructure Data Management HPC & […]

NORDUnet tackles power consumption

Thanks to more energy-efficient operation, the Nordic research and education community does not need to fear increasing cost for use of Zoom and similar services. Through smarter operation of servers and related equipment, NORDUnet will be able to save up to 40 pct. of power consumption related to its media services. The savings will allow […]

Swedish networking throughout October

From 11 to 27 October, Swedish NREN Sunet invites its stakeholders to join online seminars, presentations, and opportunities for mingling. In these unrestful times, cyber security is high on the agenda as Swedish national research and education network Sunet continues the Sunetdagarna (Sunet days) tradition. For instance, participants may learn how the Kalix municipality recovered […]

Polar Connectivity Webinar

On 5 October, NORDUnet is hosting a webinar on the economic value of submarine cables in the Arctic and associated topics relating to fiber connectivity between Asia and the EU. Discover how direct sub-sea fiber connectivity from the EU to Japan and Asia through the Artic region will add redundancy, and mitigate existing risks with […]