Media Services

Media Services

Media management, access, and distribution is a high-growth area for the research and education community.  More and more, both education and events such as research conferences allows flexible access, remote participation, and time shifting.  For this reason, conferences are often recorded for both on-line, real-time streaming and for time- and geography-shifted access.  In education, lecture capturing and the ability for students for follow courses remotely or at their own pace is a growing concern.  Advanced campuses are recording most lectures and allow access for either closed student groups or the public. 

NORDUnet has strong experience in media recording, management, and distribution, and in providing such services in a way that meet the needs of the R&E community. 

NORDUnet offers comprehensive solutions for specific requirements, such as supporting the communications needs of meetings and conferences, and offer back-end services for media storage, managament and distribution.

Media management and distribution services are generally offered through (Nordic) NRENs to campus or research team users.  Live streaming and conference services are offered to our key partners in the R&E networking community.

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