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Expansion of Asian-European collaboration (AER)

14 March 2023, Katmandu, Nepal. The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) joins NORDUnet and nine other partners in the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring.The inclusion of KISTI in the network


GÉANT Association seeks CEO

GÉANT Association seeks CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The CEO will have responsibility for day-to-day operations and the management of major international collaborations.

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NORDUnet at Danish Career Days

NORDUnet will be showcasing our opportunities for students at the upcoming Career Days that will take place in “Gigantium”, Aalborg on 3


GÉANT Association Launch OpenCloudMesh

GÉANT Association has launched the OpenCloudMesh initative, a global cloud service project, allowing operators of private cloud services based on the ownCloud software

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FUNET deploys 100Gbps network

Finnish NREN FUNET became the first Nordic network to connect to NORDUnet at 100 Gbps on Monday 19 January 2015. This is the first connection based


NeIC Conference 2015

The second NeIC conference will be hosted by NeIC and CSC – IT Center for Science in Finland from 5-8 May. Similar to

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GÉANT Association Elects 1st Board

On 11 December 2014, the GÉANT Association Assembly met in Zagreb for it’s first meeting since forming the GÉANT Association in Berlin