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NORDUnet ’93

NORDUnet ’93

NORDUnet ’93 Conference Programme

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at
Mon Jan 18 13:34:09 EST 1993


The Nordunet conference to be held in Helsinki has managed to put together
a very interesting programme, and have invited as the main speakers the people
who have been involved in the development of ARCHIE, GOPHER, and WWW.

If you are interested in networking then don't miss this one. RGDS -=ROB=-

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NORDUnet '93 Conference

Helsinki, February 15.-17.1993

Programme outline

Monday the 15th, 13.30-17.00        Opening session - road to the future

Tuesday the 16th, 9.00-12.30        Information tools
                                    Internet technology

Tuesday the 16th, 13.30-17.00       Libraries in the networked world
                                    Broadband networks

Wednesday the 17th 9.00-12.30       Multimedia is here
                                    Closing session


CONFERENCE PROGRAMME                      (Some changes still possible.)

Opening session


         Treasures of the network
            Peter Deutsch        
         Internet and the Internet Society
            Phill Gross                   

         Where is Europe?
            Kees Neggers 

            Peter Villemoes

Information tools                

         Information tools, an overview
            Peter Deutsch               

            Mark McCahill

         View to the future
            Chris Weider   
         World Wide Web
            Tim Berners-Lee

Internet technology     

         The EBONE model as a contribution 
         to global routing stability
            Peter L|thberg          

            Phill Gross

         Mobile IP
            Frank Reichert

Libraries in the networked world 

         Libraries and networks
            Lorcen Dempsey     

            Geir Pedersen

         Information organization
            Hans Martin Fagerli  
Broadband networks               

         Evolution to Broadband
            Juha Hein{nen     
         ATM Technology Overview
            Reijo Juvonen
         Practical ATM piloting

Multimedia is here 

         How we solved the e-mail character set problem
            Harald Alvestrand            

         Multimedia, University of Oslo experience
            Geir Pedersen                

         Video conferencing

Closing session

         Networking schools
            Petur Thorstensson 

         Research networks in the Baltics
            Ants Work                    

         IT strategy in Lund University
            Arne Sundstr|m             






                            February 15 - 17, 1993

                               Helsinki, Finland

NORDUnet'93 conference
Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland
February 15 - 17, 1993


Alf Hansen                 UNINETT/SINTEF, Norway
Juha Heinnen              FUNET, Finland
Geir Pedersen              University of Oslo, Norway
Markus Sadeniemi           FUNET, Finland - Chairman
Peter Villemoes            NORDUnet, Denmark
Hans Wallberg              UMDAC, Sweden


Paavo Ahonen               FUNET
Anne Bjrklund-Nummila     Centre for Scientific Computing
Juha Huusko                Centre for Scientific Computing
Markus Sadeniemi           FUNET
Eija hrnberg              CONGREX


Address:                   NORDUnet'93
                           c/o CONGREX
                           P.O.Box 35
                           00621 Helsinki

Telephone:                 +358-0-752 0711
                           +358-0-752 3611

Telefax:                   +358-0-752 0899

NORDUnet'93, the 13th Nordic Conference on Research and
Educational networking, will be held at the Marina Congress
Center in Helsinki from February 15th to 17th, 1993. The
conference will start on Monday at lunch time and end on
Wednesday after lunch.

The NORDUnet'93 conference is a Nordic Networkshop where
the status and trends in Nordic and international networking will
be discussed. The programme covers a wide range of topics from
high speed network technologies to libraries and other
information services.


Monday 15th February 1993

10.00       Registration

12.00       Lunch

13.30       Opening session - Road to the Future

            Finding information and services in the network.
            What will the networks look like in ten or twenty
            years from now? Internet and Internet Society.
            Status report on NORDUnet.

17.00       Birds of Feather sessions

            Please make your suggestions before or during the
            opening session.

Tuesday 16th February 1993

09.00       Information tools

            An overview of the existing information tools like
            WAIS, WWW, Gopher, and X.500. WAIS, The
            Wide Area Information Server. What comes next?
            Next generation of information tools.

            Internet technology

            The problem of routing, what is the role of
            EBONE? ROAD, how to manage explosive Internet
            growth? Mobile IP.

12.30       Lunch

13.30       Libraries in the networked world

            Libraries and networks. The Nordic SR-NETT
            project. Information organization.

            Broadband networks

            An overview on high-speed technologies. ATM,
            Asynchronous Transfer Mode Technology. 
            Piloting ATM

17.00       Close of session

20.00       Conference Dinner

Wednesday 17th February 1993

09.00       Multimedia is here

            MIME - Multimedia Mail to get Nordic characters
            right ! Experiences with realtime multimedia for
            distance education at the University of Oslo.

            Closing session

            Networking schools, practical experiences, Baltic
            situation, enthusiastic start, but not without

            IT strategies at universities.

12.00       Closing of the conference


The Conference language will be English.

A terminal room with workstations will be available at the
conference site. The terminals will be connected through a link to
FUNET, Finnish University and Research Network, NORDUnet
and Internet.

The Marina Congress Center is located by the harbour in the
heart of Helsinki. It was built in 1991 and was the place where
the recent European Conference on Security and Cooperation was

Hotel Grand Marina is a unique, 4 stars hotel located near the
centre of Helsinki on the island of Katajanokka. Originally the
hotel was a customs magazine built in the early years of this
century, recently turned into a modern functional hotel.

A sightseeing tour will be organized for accompanying persons
by CONGREX if the number of participants exceeds 15 people.

Helsinki airport has direct connections to Copenhagen,
Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm and to many other cities in
Europe and all over the world. The airport is located about 20
kilometers from the centre of Helsinki and the Marina Congress

Daily ferries from Stockholm also provide a convenient way of
arriving to the conference. The Viking Line terminal is next to
the conference site and the Silja Line terminal is also within
walking distance.


The registration fee, which includes accommodation covers:

-   entry to all sessions
-   conference proceedings
-   accommodation for the two nights of February
    15th and 16th in Hotel Grand Marina
-   breakfast on February 16th and 17th
-   lunch on February 15th, 16th and 17th
-   Conference dinner on February 16th
-   Transportation to the City reception and
    dinner on February 15th

EARLY registration fee:    FIM 3.200
LATE registration fee:     FIM 3.700

The early registration fee applies to all fees received before
December 15th, 1992.

No registration fees can be refunded with respect of cancellations
received after January 15th, 1993.


Further information may be obtained from the conference
secretariat. Subsequent information, including the conference
program, will be distributed by e-mail of telefax, so you are
welcome to send your e-mail address or telefax number to the
conference secretariat.

Please fill in the enclosed registration form and mail/fax it
together with the copy of your payment receipt to the conference

Address:               CONGREX
                       P.O.Box 35
                       00621 Helsinki
Telefax:               +358-0-752 0899
Telephone:             +358-0-752 0711
                       +358-0-752 3611

Please settle the payment by bank transfer to:

Bank:                  Aktia Bank, Helsinki
Address:               Mannerheimintie 14
                       00100 Helsinki, Finland
Account holder:        CONGREX / NORDUnet'93
Account no:            405511-27350

Please note that the payment is net of all charges, and that
personal cheques are not accepted.

If you wish to pay by credit card please fill the card number and
expiring date on the registration form.

Make sure to indicate NORDUnet and your name on all money

All fees will be refunded for cancellations received by
CONGREX before January 15, 1993 less our cancellation fee of
FIM 500. No refunds will be made after January 15, 1993.


 ~ Rob Harper                    ~ E-mail:          harper at    
 ~ Finnish State Computer Centre ~ Molbio/software: harper at
 ~ P.O. Box 40                   ~ Telephone:       +358 0 457 2076
 ~ SF-02101 Espoo Finland        ~ Fax:             +358 0 457 2302