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NORDUnet ’94

NORDUnet ’94

Program of NORDUnet ’94

Opening Session

  • Welcome to NORDUnet ’94, Hans Wallberg, SUNET.
  • The University Networks and the Future, Stig Hagström, University Chancellor.
  • The Electronic Document and the Society, Erling Maartmann-Moe, Norwegian Computing Centre.
  • A Swedish Information Strategy – From a Governmental Point of View, Bjarne Kirsebom, Swedish Ministry of Science and Education. (He didn’t come.)


  • A Nordic Update, Peter Villemoes, NORDUnet A/S.
  • Research Networks – The European Situation, Frode Greisen, UNI-C.
  • NSFnet, Steve Goldstein, NSF.

Information Retrieval

  • Linguistic research – New Search Methods, Jussi Karlgren, SICS.
  • Current Trends in Information Access, Douglas Cutting, Apple.
  • Coordination of Networked Information, George Brett, Clearinghouse for networked Information.

The Libraries and the Net

  • Coalition for Networked Information, Craig Summerhill, CNI.
  • Worldwide Web, WAIS and the Library – What’s new, Mogens Sandfær, Danish Technical Library.
  • The Nordic SR-Net Project, Liv Holm, University of Oslo.

The Future of Networked Information

  • Coordination of Information Services on the Internet, Chris Weider, Bunyip.
  • Commercialization of the Internet, Alan Emtage, Bunyip.
  • Gopher News, Mark McCahill, University of Minnesota.

Information Coordination

  • Nordic Forum on Network Based Information, Tove Persson, Lund University.
  • Introduction to Uniform Resource Identifiers, Steen Lindén, UNI-C.
  • WHOIS++, Rickard Schoultz, KTH.

Network Engineering, part I

  • IP Network Addressing using a CIDR Block Allocation, Håvard Eidnes, SINTEF.
  • D-GIX – A way to Achieve Routing Stability, Bernhard Stockman, KTH.
  • Internet Running in a Classless World, Peter Löthberg, STUPI.

Network Engineering, part II

  • IP Next Generation, Peter Ford, Los Alamos.
  • Dial Up IP, Mark McCahill, University of Minnesota.
  • Mobile IP – Keeping IP Connectivity when Travelling, Yakov Rekhter, T J Watson Research Center.

High-Speed Technology

  • ATM Update, Juha Heinänen, FUNET.
  • ATM Experiences, Mika Uusitalo, Tampere University of Technology.
  • ATM and NORDUnet, Håvard Eidnes, SINTEF.


  • Secure Mail (PEM and PGP), Michael Roe, University of Cambridge.
  • Key Based Security, Sven Tafvelin, Chalmers.
  • Fighting the Crackers – Practical Experiences, Jörgen Bo Madsen, UNI-C.

High-Speed Applications

  • General Overview of High Speed Applications, John Dyer, Rutherford Appleton Lab.
  • MBONE – Overview and Applications, Hans Eriksson, SICS.
  • Distance Education, Kjell-Äge Bringsrud, University of Oslo.

Closing Session

  • Research Networks in the Baltic Countries, Guntis Barzdins, University of Latvia.
  • Nordic Cooperation in Networking, Rolf Nordhagen, University of Oslo.
  • A Vision for the Next Century, Larry Landweber, University of Wisconsin.