NORDUnet Open eXchange (NOX)

NORDUnet Open eXchange (NOX)

“The concept of an Open Exchange is to ensure carrier-neutral policy-free exchange of traffic between any connected partner network thus ensuring easy non-discriminatory interchange of communication”

NORDUnet strongly supports the open exchange concept and will ensure that the NORDUnet exchanges are operated and managed in line with best practices.

NORDUnet Open eXchange Points offers 10GE and 100GE connectivity allowing both R&E networks and commercial service providers to interconnect at their discretion with no Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) imposed by NORDUnet.

NORDUnet can offer connectivity between NOX-HEL and a number of other European Open Exchange Points, including other NOX nodes, for our R&E Network partners.

A generic NOX is designed using existing NORDUnet routers and infrastructure. The NOX itself consists of one or more router blades that are managed in a separate logical system.