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Early-bird fee reminder for Nordic Technical Workshop 2021

Home The 2021 edition of the Nordic Technical Workshop is on from 30 November – 2 December in Copenhagen. As usual a diverse range of sessions will take a deep dive into network discussions, and the status and evolution of especially the media services. We will discuss the ever-important privacy, security, T&I issues and  a great […]

Erik-Jan Bos taking the stage at TNC16

Erik-Jan Bos at TNC

Programme Committee chair of TNC2016, NORDUnet Strategy & Policy Officer, Erik-Jan Bos took the stage during the Monday opening plenary of the conference to welcome the 600+ participants. In his welcome he explained this year’s conference theme, “Building the Internet of People” being chosen because it is the human network that makes the technology all […]

Testbeds-as-a-service to help researchers design networks

Researchers who build networks or design advanced distributed applications now have the opportunity to test their designs in a real-world environment – without the risk of breaking services belonging to others in the process. The GÉANT Testbeds Service (GTS) is ready to welcome users. “Europe needs the ability to deploy experimental networks at scale. There […]

NORDUnet Strategy 2015-2020

NORDUnet 2015 Logo Pantone 300C 1600x375 600pt lf

The NORDUnet 2015-2020 Strategy has been published.  Labelled “The Nordic Gateway for Research and Education”, the updated strategy further highlights the role of NORDUnet as a platform for collaboration for the Nordic NRENs and  the Nordic research and education communities. The new strategy stresses that the Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet form an integral part of global […]