Digital Springtime in Sweden

The traditional open spring seminars of SUNET, the Swedish NREN, are held this year in a new format. 

As always, the topics are those at the top of the agendas for all higher education institutions in Sweden, including the Zoom and Kaltura services offered in collaboration with NORDUnet.

Making the very best of circumstances, the traditional “Sunetdagarna” – a buffet of seminars organized by Swedish NREN SUNET each spring and fall – is held in a completely different format this year. As physical seminars are impossible, all events are online. Furthermore, the sessions have been spread across three weeks from April 13th to 29 th to give everyone the opportunity to participate in as many sessions as possible and avoid the “Zoom fatigue”.

Speaking of Zoom, a slot on Wednesday 28 is devoted to this digital meeting service. NORDUnet, SUNET and the other Nordic NREN’s collaborate on a Nordic R&E version which is operated independently from the commercial Zoom service. Participants are invited to discuss a road map for the further development of this collaboration. A similar session later the same day presents a roadmap for the development of the educational remote learning service Kaltura. Much like for Zoom, NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs are operating an independent version of the Kaltura service.

In other sessions, participants will be offered updates on the OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) procurement for commercial cloud resources, and take part in a simulated, but realistic security-breach exercise developed by European research and education network association GÉANT.

The full program (in Swedish) can be found here