Inauguration of ESS Data Centre Copenhagen

Today the European Spallation Source Data Management and Software Centre (ESS DMSC) in Copenhagen inaugurates the ESS Data Centre Copenhagen.  The opening is celebrated at a reception at the DMSC offices and Data Centre in Copenhagen (at Bio Science Park, COBIS).

The DMSC Data Centre is the state-of-the-art facility where the large amounts of experimental scientific data from ESS will be stored. It is connected to the ESS site server room in Lund by dedicated, resilience network infrastructure provided by SUNET, DeiC and NORDUnet. The network will transfer the data produced by the scientific instruments at ESS. In steady state operations, the data moving between Lund and Copenhagen is expected to top 10 petabytes per year, as the Data Centre serves some 3,000 visiting scientific users with the ability to access, analyse and interact with their experimental data.

The DMSC Data Centre is initially providing eight Data Centre racks along with a power and cooling infrastructure for the commissioning phase of ESS. The Centre will then scale up in step with ESS to provide up to 30 racks along with the necessary power and cooling infrastructure. 

ESS is a major new research instrument currently being built in Sweden and Denmark. Learn more about ESS in this arcitle at InTheField