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Registration to 32nd NORDUnet Conference is open.

Time to register for the 2024 NORDUnet Conference

The 32nd NORDUnet conference will take place on 10th-12th September, 2024 in Bergen, Norway hosted by Norwegian NREN Sikt together with NORDUnet. Being  the premier event for the Nordic research and

A vision for two Arctic subsea cables

Nordic NRENs and NORDUnet: By 2030 or soon thereafter, a resilient submarine cable system across the Arctic region towards East Asia must be in place. A route through the Arctic

NORDUnet at PTC’24

Once again NORDUnet is joining the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. Taking place 20-25 January 2024, PTC’24 brings together stakeholders in design, planning, deployment, and use of

Polar Connect - Vision 2030

North Pole Fiber project kick-off

The next step of the global Polar Connect project begins today! SUNET, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and NORDUnet meet in Stockholm for a kick-off meeting of the North Pole

NORDUnet awarded CEF-2 Digital project for Polar Connect

NORDUnet, the Swedish Research Council (VR), and the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat have received funding from the European Commission for the North Pole Fibre project. A project that aims to deliver strategic network resources as per the European Union’s Digital Global Gateway strategy

Renewed NORDUnet strategy for 2024 – 2028

A renewed NORDUnet strategy for 2024-2028 has been adopted by the NORDUnet board of directors. The strategy features a zealous ambition for NORDUnet and the collaboration of Nordic NRENs: NORDUnet’s

In memory of Jacqueline Brown

NORDUnet is saddened to learn about the passing of Jacqueline Brown. Jacqueline made an enormous contribution to the global research network community for decades. Jacqueline was a stellar organiser and

Submarine cables as cyber diplomacy tools

Under the current geopolitical tensions, redundant internet access is in high demand. NORDUnet engages with a range of international players to maintain a safe internet.   Many people regard the

GÉANT Association elects new board members

Today, the GÉANT Association general assembly elected new members to its Board of Directors. Cezary Mazurek (CEO of Polish NREN PSNC), Ronan Byrne (CEO of Irish NREN HEAnet), and Claudio

NDN2024 Programme Planning

The next NORDUnet Conference is scheduled for 10-12 September 2024 in Bergen, Norway, and the Programme Committee has started preparing the programme. Numerous ideas and suggestions and views have been

Ubuntunet Connect 2023

This week, the Eastern and South  African NREN collaboration Ubuntunet Alliance will meet at the Ubuntunet Connect 2023 conference, hosted by RENU in Kampala, Uganda. As usual, the conference will

”Sunetdagarna” coming up

Swedish NREN Sunet invite everybody from their connected institutions and other interested parties to join the upcoming online conference “Sunet days”. From 16-20 October you can join five days of

Polar Connect at Submarine Networks World 2023

This week Jonny Lundin of NORDUnet presented the Polar Connect vision to a global audience at the Submarine Networks World conference in Singapore. In his talk on Arctic connectivity, Creating


The 56th APAN conference – the meeting place of the Asia-Pacific NRENs and their global partners – takes place on 21-25 August 2023 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  The conference program

Thank you, Tirana!

TNC23 is done, the near 800 participants are back home, but the memories live on.  As always, TNC was a great experience for the NORDUnet and Nordic NREN team. We

Registration open for NCW 2023

The NORDUnet Community Workshop (previously known as the Technical Workshop) will take place on 12 – 14 September 2023 in Copenhagen  and you can register already now. We will meet

Strong momentum for Polar connectivity

NORDUnet CEO Valter Nordh has been invited to present the two Arctic sub-sea Europe-Asia cable projects under preparation to key audiences in Europe and USA. Under the headline Polar Connect,

Springtime for Sunet

The brand “Sunetdagarna” was well-known pre-COVID in the Nordic research and education community as a buffet of seminars organized by Swedish NREN Sunet each spring. Following a few years online,

High-speed connectivity for Iceland’s R&E

A new subsea circuit to Ireland and upgrade of existing connections safeguard digital sovereignty of Icelandic research and education collaborations. Significantly more detailed weather forecasts for Iceland will be one

Expansion of Asian-European collaboration (AER)

14 March 2023, Katmandu, Nepal. The Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) joins NORDUnet and nine other partners in the Asia-Pacific-Europe Ring.The inclusion of KISTI in the network

Erik Kikkenborg appointed Chief Collaboration Officer

Erik Kikkenborg has been appointed Chief Collaboration Officer at NORDUnet, where he will be responsible for collaborative service and platform innovation. Erik, previously heading the Media and Streaming services group,

Lars Fischer appointed Chief Relations Officer

Lars Fischer has been appointed Chief Relations Officer at NORDUnet, where he will be responsible for relations with key stakeholders. In his new role, Lars will drive the strategic direction

Licia Florio joins NORDUnet

Licia Florio  joins NORDUnet as Strategy and Policy Officer with our Strategic Engagement Division. Licia will focus on support for European research infrastructures and research communities and our engagement in

Jørgen Qvist appointed Chief Operating Officer

Jørgen Qvist has been appointed Chief Operating Officer at NORDUnet, where he will head the new Core Services Division; a streamlined service delivery, operations, and development organization focusing on network

Josva Kleist appointed Chief Technology Officer

Josva Kleist has been appointed Chief Technology Officer at NORDUnet, where he will head the new Strategic Engagement Division. Previously, Josva was responsible for the software development and systems integration

NORDUnet cyber security team renews certification

The Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) at NORDUnet has completed the relevant procedures for re-certification under the auspices of the European cyber security organization TF-CSIRT. “We are pleased to